How Technology Has changed Faxing

How faxing in the present is better than faxing in the past

  • One need not look for shops or stores that have fax facility.
  • One need not buy a very costly fax machine just for rare usage. Your android can act as a faxing machine.
  • By using mobile faxing, we help environment indirectly. We can save paper.
  • Faxing can be done at any time and from anywhere in the world.
  • One need not be afraid of your message being tapped over phone.
  • Applications are user friendly and need not have a big guide to install and use.
  • Business is faster and cheaper; customers would appreciate the responsiveness and quick response.


So, don’t live in the past, act in the present, use the latest technology and facilities and be smart in using faxing facility via Smartphone.